Tantra: A Meditative Approach to Sexuality


Tantric Approach to Sexuality

Tantra is a meditative approach to sexuality, a profound path to deepening the intimate relationship one has with oneself and with the Beloved.

Tantra: Powerful Integration

While rooted in ancient ritual practices from Hinduism and Buddhism, modern Tantra combines insights from humanistic and transpersonal psychology, sexology, yoga and meditation to create a set of powerful tools for personal growth and deep intimacy.

Tantra, in the ancient Sanskrit language, means ?weaving?, and refers to a weaving-together of sensory experience, and the joining of masculine and feminine energies. In the Hindu myth of creation, Shiva and Shakti created the Universe by conjoining their masculine and feminine energies.

The Senses Provide a Path to Enlightenment

The tantric practitioner approaches enlightenment through the avenue of bodily and sensory experience. Tantra teaches that bliss is possible in every moment, if we only pay attention to our experience, quieting the chattering, busy mind.

The Goal of Tantric Practice

The goal of tantric practice is the union of the Masculine and Feminine; since each of us has masculine and feminine energies within, Tantra can be practiced alone or with a partner. The meditative practices take one deep within the body, working with sexual energies which arise in the genitals.

Through using the breath and focused attention it is possible to draw that energy upwards, to the heart and ultimately the crown of the head, spreading energetic joy throughout the body.

While intensifying sexual experience, Tantra is primarily about intimate and present connection -- with the self, and with the Beloved -- and ultimately, with the Divine.

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