Experiencing the Present Moment: Meditation

Being in the Present Moment

Meditation is the practice of observing one's present awareness; the practice of being wholly in the present moment. It is not just for yogis and it is not about "emptying your mind".

Health Benefits of Meditation

There is ample research documentation of the health benefits of meditation: lowered blood pressure and pulse rate, enhanced concentration, better quality of life. Twenty minutes of meditation per day goes a long way towards de-stressing.

Meditation Takes Many Forms

There are many different forms of meditation. Any rhythmic or repetitive activity, done with focused awareness, can put you in the meditation zone. Walking, swimming, running, observing the breath ? all can have meditative effects.

What Meditation Can Do for You

Meditation deepens one's self-awareness, and strengthens self-esteem and self-acceptance. A regular meditation practice can provide grounding and centering for a busy life, and allow you to stay balanced, spontaneous and creative in the midst of it.

Self Help Resources for Meditation

The self help books and audio products on this meditation list are recommended resources for the beginning meditator, as well as the more experienced practitioner.

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