Parenting: Toddlers to Pre-Teens


The Middle Years: Mastering New Tasks

This middle period of your child's development spans a number of wonderful years as you watch your child becoming increasingly autonomous and competent at mastering the many tasks of being part of your family.

You see your child off to his or her first day at school, and watch them develop their social competencies on the playground, in the neighborhood, and at home with siblings.

Guidance for Parenting Through Developmental Years

Part of the challenge of being a parent is that things keep changing as your children move through different developmental eras.

The recommended self help books in the section on Parenting: Toddlers to Pre-Teens offer wise guidance on how to traverse this period in your child's life, paying attention to discipline, communication, childhood developmental processes, adjustment to school and relationships with peers, and how to support your child's emerging sense of self.

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