Parenting: The First Year

The Profound Experience of Parenting

Becoming a parent may well be among the most profound experiences of your life. Assuming responsibility for the safety, health and development of a new baby is a challenging and meaningful task.

Infant Development in the First Year

The first year of a child?s life is filled with magic, as milestone after milestone is passed. Parents watch their child develop from a tiny, helpless being into an increasingly skilled and competent baby.

In the space of twelve short months your child learns how to hold his head up, sleep through the night (perhaps), roll over, sit, crawl, stand, and maybe walk.

She or he moves from being dependent on mother's milk or a substitute formula to tolerating baby food, to being capable of eating some regular foods, using some of those new teeth. He or she develops from a primitive being with only a few reflex responses to someone recognizably human, who makes eye contact, smiles, laughs, and communicates her needs and wants in many ways, including perhaps a rudimentary vocabulary.

It is helpful to understand what is happening through this period of great change in your baby's life. The recommended books in the section on Parenting: Birth to Twelve Months offer detailed information on infant development, suggestions for dealing with common problems, and support for often beleaguered parents.

Oh -- and in the midst of all this change in your family, there are perhaps other children and a spouse or partner. It can be challenging to balance all these important relationships.

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