Now Is the Time (New Year's Day 2007)


Wake Up and Follow Your Dreams

Now is the time for all good persons to wake up and follow their dreams. You're not getting any younger. And all the obstacles and "reasons" why it won't/can't work? Fear, lack of faith, and more fear. Dare to desire that which you truly want. Even in the Bible "old men dream dreams" . . .

The Question of "What if?"

What if? There's a question. What if you allowed your imagination to fly free, to soar, to take you to places you've never been?

It will be scary. Stepping off the merry-go-round and seeking your way through uncharted territory is, by definition, frightening, unsettling -- terrifying at times.

But it's worth it, to come to the end of your days and to be able to say to yourself "I really lived. I really tried. I gave it everything I had. I really went for it. Now I'm ready for the next adventure. I wonder what it will be like?"

Sieze the Moment

Don't waste a minute -- you don't know how many you have. This moment will never happen again. Make it count.

Look around you, at life bursting forth. This aching Earth is filled with life -- reaching, growing, stretching toward the Sun. Making love in the eternal faith that it is worth it.

Leave a legacy of love and hope and Existence. Be a comet streaking across the night sky. Be a volcano spewing hot lava. Be a tender green shoot unfurling always in the light of day. Surf the wave of life energy that abounds on this blue planet circling a yellow sun in the vast exploding cosmos.