Embracing Success and Personal Effectiveness

The Elusive Nature of Success

Icons of success occupy a hallowed place in the American Pantheon: Ben Franklin, Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, Bill Gates, Sam Walton. The United States is a symbol of success, welcoming immigrants who want to work hard and make a better life.

Many of us strive for personal and professional success, whether it is seeking a better job, wider recognition, or the opportunity to express ourselves creatively. Yet success may elude us, always seeming to recede towards the horizon, no matter how long we chase it. We may, paradoxically, fear success – that which we claim to want so badly. Self-defeating behaviors may keep us from the goals we wish to reach.

Self Help Books on Success and Personal Effectiveness

The self help books listed in the section on Success and Personal Effectiveness expand the definition of success, shifting it from something that is defined by external criteria (size of bank account) to something defined internally (satisfaction, pleasure, sense of well-being, feelings of spaciousness and freedom).

They also suggest a number of ways to approach success that may at first seem paradoxical: embracing that which we fear, doing just what we want to do, even practicing meditation and reducing harmful stress by relaxation.

These books offer encouragement and support for those with dreams, and practical help for avoiding self-defeating behavior and learning how to succeed.

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