Creativity and the Creative Process

Origins of Creativity

The creative process mysteriously emanates from the divine spark within each of us. It is no accident that so many of the world's religions have creation narratives, mythic tales of how the world began.

Whether the creation story takes the form of a mud island arising from the receding floodwaters of the Nile, or Yahweh speaking the world into existence, or the Universe beginning in the energy created when Shiva and Shakti come together to make cosmic love – the mystery of the creation of life and beauty in the world is fundamental to that which is most deeply human.

Books on Creativity

Several of the books listed in this section on Creativity advocate tapping the creative process to battle depression; this has significance because it is not destruction which is the opposite of creativity, but depression, apathy, despair, emptiness.

Unleashing Creativity

When creative powers are unleashed, magical things happen: relationships sparkle, new perspectives are created, invention and discovery and art and music unfold. The self-help resources in the Creativity section are helpful and stimulating guides to accessing and accentuating the creative process within each of us.

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