In Celebration of Women


The Women's Movement

The Women's Movement, which ushered in a new wave of feminism during the sixties and seventies, rolls on in more and more wondrously diverse ways.

Many professions have as many (or more) women as men in graduate training programs; CEOs of some major corporations are women (yes, the glass ceiling is still very much with us; and pay parity is not yet reality); women of color and lesbian women and soccer moms and evangelical Christian women are speaking with clearer and more confident voices.

Women and Social Support

Men often envy women's ease in connecting with each other, in finding and utilizing social support. A man may have coined the term "networking" but women set the pace in creating viable social networks, whether over the back fence in the neighborhood, political organizing, or in the workplace.

Self Help on Women's Issues

The books for women listed in the section on Women's Issues offer a kaleidoscope of information, guidance, support, encouragement and celebration for women.

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